Color Tips for Mobile Phone Photography

Smart phones are becoming a very popular tool for both enthusiasts and professional photographers. But to achieve the right shot that can make you get famous on Instagram, you first should understand photography basics, starting with colors.

Color is an aspect of daily living and they could either make or break the atmosphere of the pictures taken. When you have an understanding of the way that color functions in digital photography, then you can use various colors to make various emotions and feelings in your images. If you plan on bringing life to your pictures, here are some basics that help you to have visual design element maximized.

One tip is having an understanding of the color wheel. The said tool helps you gain an understanding of the relationship among the various color groups. The main group is made up of green, blue, and red. Secondary colors, which are made through the combining of the main colors, include yellow, magenta, and cyan. The third group is the direct result of combining one primary and one secondary color.

To have an understanding of the said concept, it is essential for mobile photographers to have the right gear. Thus, it is advised that you get a phone that has a Retina Display feature so you have a nice view of how your subjects are colored. You can also get a color wheel application for you to use before getting a shot. Here are some principles which you could learn when making use of the said method.

The scheme of analogous colors is very popular due to its relaxing effect. To achieve it, you must find something that represents three colors put side-by-side in the color wheel. One example of the said scheme is brown, orange, and red.

Although this scheme is good, it usually is without contrast. Should you wish to try to make use of the said method, you might like to make use of an additional lens to have the subject separated from a background. Also, you may try to use a monochromatic approach to the said technique through connecting images having similar hues.

Using complementary shades make the subject stand out against the background. Try taking a picture of red flowers against green grass to see how the color balance gives life to the picture. This method is also applicable to still-life images.

Depth of field is one common problem as many devices do not provide control on the aperture or the lens opening. This may be solved through the use of different color temperatures in the pictures. Know that warm shades stand out against cold backgrounds. The method provides the illusion of the object being closer to viewers, adding a tone that is more welcoming.

A last tip to achieve pictures that make you get famous on Instagram is to give your pictures their needed power. Do this by composing a shot where a color will dominate other shades in the scene.

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