Are the followers of Instagram REAL PEOPLE?

“YES! They are 100% real people, and you can even talk to them for proof. “

Usually how long would it take for the order to be done?

“Provided there is no problem with the transaction, the order would be completed in no more than 2 days.”

Where do I contact persons behind Gramilicious for clarifications?

“You can easily contact our representative by clicking the Contact Us link at the top of our site. Expect the reply within 24 hours, since we have to sort out spam messages from the real ones.”

I paid already but there are still no followers?

“This happens when your account is set on PRIVATE. Be sure to check the privacy settings on your account and if there’s still no followers then Contact Us so we can take action immediately.”

Do I need to follow so I can get followers?

“No it’s not necessary to follow others.”

I’d like a Custom order?

“Gramilicious can provide Large or Custom orders according to what you need! Just Contact Us and we will do our best to help you get your order.”