Gramilicious commit to customer privacy policy. The management assures that all information stored in the server is for mere transaction use only. Information will be protected against persons or entities which are unknown to the customer.


Credit Card Information

For your credit card information security, Gramilicious does not store credit card details to its website server. Its payment provider ascertains that your credit card details will be protected by codes and encrypted as possible.

3rd Party Disclosure

Public or private customer information will never be traded, sold or transferred to any company, in whatever means, without the approval of the customer. All information gathered is, in general condition, for the mere delivery of services of Gramilicious.



Cookies are information stockpiled by a website to the user’s computer for tracing. With these cookies, visitors who are revisiting the site will be trackeded as the browser provides the information back to the websites server. Gramilicious use cookies to recognize visitors and their information. With these cookies, the flow of transaction will be made. However, if you don’t want this to happen, you may stop cookies from storing information to your computer. Doing so might, however, give website access difficulty.