Some Tips to Take Pictures of Insects

Shooting macro pictures of insects is a really fun and rewarding. In fact, the rewards go as far as getting so many likes Instagram. The problem with taking insect photos, however, especially for beginners, is the existence of few tricky elements when it comes to getting a nice shot of an insect. Highlighted below are some tips to help you.

Having patience is one important tip. Although numerous insects like bees and flies often are easy to find since they move a lot, several insects either move slow or stay still when you are looking for them. This is, at times, their normal state, as they are attempting to hide from any predators or trap their next meal. If you will sit and stare at a really small bush or a number of leaves gathered together, you often will find more than one patiently sitting.

Hunting wisely is another tip. Every insect type has a place they prefer to be in. Flies and bees are attracted to flowers that produce pollen and nectar. Ants like anything dead like insects and worms. Often, spiders make webs in between branches of trees. Also, there are insects attracted to places where water gathers, like puddles and stagnant bodies of water. It is important to know what you seek and go to places where you can find it.

In taking pictures of insects that get likes Instagram once uploaded, approach the insects slowly instead of rushing towards them. Otherwise, they might fly or run away. The insect often remains in its place if you will just walk to it slowly.

Shooting bugs during the morning has two advantages. One, the light is often nice and really works well in shooting insects. Second, numerous insects are still trying to fully wake up and thus, they are still moving slowly. Such offers you a better chance to capture a nice shot since this can give you a lot of time to set up.

A nice background adds impact to macro images of insects. Simply angling yourself in order for a colorful flower or leaf to appear behind the subject can spell a lot of difference. Keep in mind that if you are making use of a flash, then you might make a dark background to the picture if the background is so far from the subject insect, which is a problem. To counter it, you can use another flash to have the faraway background illuminated. However, it is easier to just shoot at one angle which can allow you to show an insect against a branch or leaf that is colorful.

Also, remember that it is not necessary to get and use the costliest gear to achieve great results. What matters more is having knowledge of the photography principles behind taking images of insects.

Normally, insect pictures get so many likes Instagram once uploaded. However, when uploading, especially from the computer, make sure to have a software to help you in the uploading process.

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